Focus Equals Efficiency

Why Us?

Why choose Weir Regulatory Consulting?

At Weir Regulatory Consulting, focus means efficiency. That means that our pledge to you is to give any projects we work on for you the focus they deserve in order to move them along quickly and efficiently, whilst using our broad range of experience to give you the best advice and assistance according to the individual strategy of the project.

We don’t juggle projects at the expense of your time, we move them forward, and our mission is to ensure the ball never stays in our court for very long, thus enabling us to achieve your goals within an optimum timeframe.

Weir Regulatory Consulting was set up by Jo Weir, who acts as the Principal consultant, and has acquired over 10 years Regulatory Affairs experience, working with large multinational pharmaceutical companies, through to generics, medical devices and smaller niche companies. She has a broad range of experience spanning prescription-only medicines, OTC, medical devices and drug-device combinations in Australia, New Zealand and the EU, and also began her career as a Quality Control Analyst for a pharmaceutical finished product manufacturing site.